Building Low Tunnel Hoop Houses

Elizabeth in AZ, Built this 6 ft wide mini hoop house, with extended height sidewalls.




From Mike, in Spokane Wa.





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Another Cool Structure Using Our Hoop Benders

From Spokane Wa. Mike sends us this 10′x20′ Gothic Hoophouse he built with newest introduction The Modified Gothic Greenhouse, built using our DY-12 Hoopbender and our connector kits.




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Watch Our DY-12 Quick Hoop Bender In Action

Above Video is one of our thousands of customers bending perfect Greenhouse Hoops using our Model DY-12 Quick Hoop Bender. View all our Hoop Benders at


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The Coopastoga

We ordered your 10′ bender to build our mobile chicken Coop.  We call it the Coopastoga.  The hoop bender worked great and bending the hoops was the easiest part of the project.  We will definitely be ordering a larger bender for future projects.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

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Projects By Scott Landry

Nice Greenhouse, very coolSuper cool greenhouse from Scott Landry, Built using our model DY-12 Hoop Bender. Notice the neat shade structure beside the G/H, He bent the curved support post for the shade using our Model RC-4 Hoop Bender.

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